Remembrance Day at Downham

On Friday 10th November, Year 5 went to visit the memorial at Downham for Remembrance Day.  There were four other schools there.  The service was short but enjoyable.  There was a lot of professional music [well, it was Year 7+, but it sounded professional ~Mr M].  At the end, two people from each school laid a poppy wreath on the statue.  Mr Headley-Morris took a class photo of us by the memorial.  There was even a real soldier at the service.  Finally, we went back to school.

~ Julia





A visit from the Fire Brigade!

Today, Year 5 had a visit from the London Fire Brigade.  We learned all about how to stay calm and safe in a fire.  The three main words were:




We looked at some real photos of rooms that had been on fire and had to deduct what had happened (this is really helpful because we’ll be using the same deduction skills in our reading).  We even got to watch a room burn completely.  It only took 8.5 minutes for everything to be engulfed in flames!

We were told how important it is to ensure everything is switched off and unplugged at night time… except the fridges and freezers!

*These words follow the same spelling rule that we are revising this week.  How good is that!

Trees for the park

On the 23rd March, Year 5 crossed the road to Beckenham Place Park to meet up with the park wardens and groundsmen. Our mission: to help renovate the park by planting a few trees. There were 75 trees waiting in bags, and the children were eager to get started. Surprisingly, they not only succeeded in planting those, but more trees were fetched. Oak, Hazel, Sweet Chestnut… Just imagine our astonishment to find out at the end that 205 trees had been planted in around an hour! The children were happy to contribute to protecting the natural environment. As one of the year 5 children said: “Every puff of oxygen helps the world a bit more!”