Multi-Skills Competition

This week, 10 children from Years 1 and 2 took part in an exciting competition held at Bonus Pastor, alongside Holy Cross, St. Winifred’s and Downderry Primary Schools. The challenges included a ball throw task where they had to throw a ball against the wall and catch it as many times as possible, without the ball reaching the floor. The children also had to really concentrate in both the Balance Pole and Balance Ball challenges where they were only allowed to balance on one foot for as long as possible. Finally, they took part in a series of running races where they had to run as fast as they could, from one cone to another. Each of the cones were numbered so they had to run in a particular sequence. This ended with a quick sprint race against Downderry Primary School. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to showcase fundamental skills which will help them to develop their coordination, agility and skills, Well done!

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Infant Easter house meetings

The children are taking part in house meetings, by the end of the week they will have 4 arts and crafts activities completed. They are all enjoying socailising in their houses and working together. What a great way to end a term.

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A walk in the park.

Thank you to all the adults who came to help us. The children had a great time at the park exploring and finding lots of signs that winter is coming. The noisy parakeets were a favourite of the children because they were green and loud!

Observing seasonal change is part of our science and the children enjoyed looking at the mushrooms, berries, leaves and conker shells that we found.

The art work they produced was amazing and is on display in our class.

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RE in year 1

For RE this week the children went to the church to act out a baptism.

Take a look at the photos……..


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Guy Fawkes and bonfire night

Year 1 had great fun making pastel pictures of fireworks and using bubble paint and powder paint to create some artwork.

They also learnt about the history of bonfire night and how to be safe.

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English in Year 1

We have just finished our first topic using the book ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’ by Oliver Jeffers, the children made their own books and did not eat them like Henry did.

The class have now started to read ‘My Granny went to market’ it is a counting story where Granny visits many countries and buys something special in each place.

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Year 6 Vs Staff Netball match

Well done to the year 6 children and the staff who took part today in the match. The match was well played and the rest of the school were great spectators. This is one of the traditions we have every summer term and is always enjoyable.

The score was 9-2, well done to the staff team who won.

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Year 1 visit Eltham Environmental Centre.

On Monday 14th May the children got the chance to go and learn about seasonal change. The children looked around the woodlands at the colours of Spring and collected samples of every colour to create a special collage. While we were there we had a chance to feed Darwin and Wallace the pigs, this was one of the highlights for the children. As a class we explored the woods and made nests for birds. Year 1 had a wonderful day. 

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DT in Year 1

The children have been making safe vehicles for Humpty Dumpty to travel in. They used boxes and had to think about how to create a safe space for him, ways to stop him from moving around when we tested them with actual eggs.
Year 1 very much enjoyed making and sharing ideas with each other as they worked. They were able to help each other by holding objects in place or with cutting out holes so they could actually fit Humpty Dumpty into the boxes.

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Ice sculptures

The children in year 1 as part of their art topic learned about ice sculptures. We wrote instructions in English for how to make a sculpture and talked about the material of ice in science. We think the sculptures look amazing, its a shame they had to melt!

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Science in year 1

The children have started a new topic learning about materials. For our first lessons, we explored materials found around the school. The class talked about what they were, how they felt and how they could be used. The children had a great time exploring the materials using their senses.



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Year 1 visit the church

The children went to the church to re-enact a baptism at the end of our sacraments topic, the whole class enjoyed using the actual baptismal font and those of them who had been to a baptism shared their experiences with the other children.

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Pattern in Year 1

This week in year 1 the children are making patterns using cubes. They started by using 2 colours then 3 colours. We then challenged the class to create their own patterns with cubes. They all accepted the challenge and told their friend about their pattern.

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BMX track in Beckenham Place Park

There is a open day this Saturday 30th September from 2pm-5pm. The children can bring their bikes or scooters and try the new BMX track. For anyone who does not have a bike they will have some at the track and helmets.

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History in year 1

In history year 1 are learning about castles and the children built castles using lego, and other construction materials.

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Owl Babies

In year 1 the children have been reading Owl Babies. The children made masks and acted out the story as either Sarah, Percy or Bill. 


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Maths in year 1.

Year 1 have been learning about capacity. The children have been using education city games to help learn the vocabulary empty, full and half full. The class completed an activity using cubes or other objects to fill different size containers and had to describe how full it was. The challenge was to predict how many objects it would take to fill the container each group had.

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Year 1 visit Horton Kirby

We had a lovely day, the sun was shining. In the morning we spent time thinking about what to wear for each season and what animals do in each season.

After an early lunch we went to the woodland nearly and saw the wheat growing,the trees and some flowers that were blooming. The children got to make nests for birds and we saw some lambs. The walk in the woodland was a perfect way to end our day at Horton Kirby.


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Balance bike workshop

The children in year 1 took part in a workshop. They had a great time and played games where they had to go through obstacle courses on the bikes to avoid the crocodiles and catch the spider. The children learned how to control the bike, balance and move around on the bikes in a safe way.

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For 2Feet spent the day in school working with Years 1 and 2 on Scooter Safety.  The children received 45 minutes of training – 20 minutes in the playground and 25 minutes on the pavements around the school.  The training included a safety check of equipment, scooter control games, hazards they may encounter while out scootering and safe places to cross the road with a scooter.  All children who took part enjoyed their session and came back full of enthusiasm and knowledge of scooter safety.

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