Having fun on the bouncy castle

Just before the summer fayre started Year 4 were given a sneak preview of the bouncy castle as a reward for bringing the most bottles and money on the ‘Own Cothes’ Day.

What fun !

Building Bridges

In our RE topic on Reconciliation  we have been studying the life of Pope John Paul II and how he built a bridge to forgive a prisoner who had tried to assassinate him. After recording how we can forgive those who wrong us we worked at building bridges with construction equipment. First we worked on our own, then with a partner and finally in groups of 4. We learnt that we could build stronger bridges with a partner and even stronger bridges when we worked in bigger groups.


Factorial Functions

We were investigating how many ways a number of items can be arranged.

1 colour    1 arrangement   1×1 =

2 colours   2 arrangements   2×1 =

3 colours  6 arrangements  3x2x1=

4 colours   24 arrangements  4x3x2x1 =

5 colours   ?????  What’s the pattern?

‘Go Ride’

Year 6 had a very successful first ‘Go Ride’ cycle session with Nathaniel the instructor. They were taught how to conduct a bike safety check using ABC (Air, Brakes and Chain). The children then set off around the playground using their upper body strength to ride standing up. They were encouraged to level pedals when in their starting positions.

“It was really good – it helped us to control the bike using our brakes”                                              Che – School Councillor


Year 1 visit Horton Kirby

We had a lovely day, the sun was shining. In the morning we spent time thinking about what to wear for each season and what animals do in each season.

After an early lunch we went to the woodland nearly and saw the wheat growing,the trees and some flowers that were blooming. The children got to make nests for birds and we saw some lambs. The walk in the woodland was a perfect way to end our day at Horton Kirby.