Keep fit and busy during School Closure

There are lots of online storytimes

Checkout Oliver Jeffers reading his stories and

Storyline Online:

And lots of ways to keep healthy:


Exercise with the Body Coach

Fun yoga with cosmickids has lots of good ideas for keeping busy

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The Life Bus

Nursery really enjoyed visiting the Life Bus and meeting Harold the Giraffe.

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Autumn Walk

Nursery went to Beckenham Place Park to look at the autumn leaves. They found many different coloured and different shaped leaves. The children loved kicking the leaves in the air.

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Eagle’s Visit to the Nursery

This half term we are looking at animals and this week we are looking at pets. I brought in Eagle, my seven year old greyhound. He used to be a racing dog but now he is enjoying his retirement. Eagle loved meeting the Nursery children and was a very well behaved boy. The children loved stroking him and finding out what he needs to stay healthy and fit. 

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Learning Diaries

The children love to look at their books. 

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The Cold Snap

Brrrrrrrrrr! It’s cold outside.

The children have enjoyed mark-making in the frost and finding ice. The animals were stuck in the ice and needed to be set free. They have made ice soup and used many one handed tools along the way.

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The children love using the brooms. It is so good for their writing skills. They need strong shoulders,elbows and wrists

to help them write.

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Christmas in the Nursery

What an exciting time! The children loved getting ready for Christmas. They helped to decorate the class, they made cards and presents for their parents, out of clay,  wrapped the presents and wrote their names on labels.

The children loved writing lists for Father Christmas and… who was on the good list? They had lots of fun role playing.

They also had a surprising visit from someone very special. 

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Rex’s 3rd Birthday Party

We had a fabulous week celebrating Rex’s birthday. We wrapped presents, wrote labels, made cards, decorated cakes, made sandwiches, then partied.

Look at how busy they were.

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Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

What a treat Nursery and Reception had last Friday, when the Hobgoblin Theatre Company came to school to give the children a theatre experience in our own school hall.  The children were delighted with the performance of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

After the show, the children were also treated to a workshop where they used their bodies and faces to perform some of their favourite fairytale characters.  The parents also joined in.  What a great time we had.


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Autumn Walk

The children had a great time on the Autumn walk and found lots of different shapes and coloured leaves. We filled up bags ready to do some creative work back in class.

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Rex’s Baptism

Rex Rabbit joined our Nursery this week and he will be visiting the children in their homes in the coming weeks. He also became a member of God’s family: he wore white, we said our Nursery prayer, lit a candle and poured water on his head. It was a beautiful celebration. 

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A Hundred and One Things To Do With a Pumpkin

Who knew pumpkins were so versatile?

They are a great resource in the Nursery to improve fine motor skills; from using hammers and knives, drawing circles and lines, practicing pincer grips – using tweezers. They didn’t go to waste either. Vegetable soup was made and devoured. This kept the children curious and engaged. 

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Reading Core Books

We have been reading lots of core books in the Nursery. These are books specifically for Nursery children that contain lots of repetitive language and repeated refrains. The children learn these books by heart and then ‘read’ them on their own, aloud to others or pretend to be the teacher. They have also been retelling the stories and acting them out.

It is a great way to get children into books and reading. I have managed to capture a few photos of them reading and ‘going on a bear hunt!’

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Nursery Start

What a fabulous start to Nursery!

All the children have now arrived and settled in very well. The children have had tremendous fun exploring the setting and getting to know each other. They have been very busy. 

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EYFS Sports Activity Morning

Nursery and Reception children joined together on Wednesday morning for fun-filled activities in the main school playground.  The children had a chance to try out some new sports activities together and to develop their skills.  It was a wonderful morning.  Year 5 joined the children and supported them around the activity trail.  They did an excellent job.  Thank you Year 5 and thank you to the many parents who came to enjoy this special event.

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How cute are these chicks? The Nursery were lucky enough to have a visit from these little babies. They watched them eat, drink, walk and sleep – in their food! They were very funny. All the children got to hold

or stroke them. They had to be very gentle as they were so tiny. ‘They’re so fluffy!’ A few of them tried to fly away but they noticed their wings were still too small to fly.

After the visit, the children got to look at the photos and do some mark making.

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Shiver Me Timbers!

Shiver Me Timbers! Nursery were

under attack this week from Pirates. The children made maps and drew crosses EVERYWHERE for the Pirates to dig. The treasure was found and worn. They loved using their imagination playing with the small world. The children read lots of books and sang some ‘Sea Shanties.’ The children made their own eye patches and hats: they had to draw the shape, cut it out, use a hole-punch to make the holes and then thread the string through. (We helped to tie them!) They also made boats to sail across the Seven Seas, using sticks, felt and plasticine. They had great fun around this topic and I have a feeling we might be seeing Pirates again soon in the Nursery!

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The Nursery children have been busy planting seeds this week. We will watch them grow into little seedlings and then plant them in our garden. In the coming weeks we will be planting more flowers, herbs and vegetables. We will watch them grow and measure them using different methods. 

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Matching Pairs

We found a basket full of socks that were in a complete muddle. The children helped to sort them into pairs. They did a great job – they can all help you at home. They really got the hang of using the pegs. 

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