St. Augustine’s Year 6 visiting Holy Cross

The Year 6 children had a fabulous time on Wednesday 30th October, when they attended a session in the mobile classroom – Life Bus, and met their year group partner at Holy Cross. They had a chance to get to know each other, to play games and to have lunch together at the end of a truly wonderful morning. 

Year 3 visit to The Horniman Museum

We had a good look around the Museum and particularly enjoyed the section when we got to stroke models of a fox and badger.  Then it was time for our prehistoric workshop.  We were able to show our guide Emily, all that we already knew about the Stone Age.  Emily let us handle some artefacts from the Stone Age.  We had to treat them very carefully as they were so old.  Our favourite was a tooth from a wooly mammoth – it was huge!

On Tuesday 29th October, Year 3 visited the Horniman Museum.  We took a train from Beckenham Hill to Catford and then got the 185 bus straight there.  Many of us were asking when lunchtime was before we even arrived!

Fabulous Fruit Kebabs

Reception Class children had a fantastic time making healthy fruit kebabs to celebrate the end of our first half term at school.

The children chose the fruits that they liked best and chopped them down to size.

We were so lucky to have a helpful parent to come and support us in making our delicious fruity treats. Thank you for coming in to help us.

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Year 5 Studies

The Autumn Term has all been about setting the standards for our Year 5 studies.

Our first topic has been a study of the Tudors, including a fantastic song with Mrs Ley. We have learnt about Kings Henry VII and Henry VIII. We know that the Battle of Bosworth Field was the last battle in The War of the Roses and was fought between Henry Tudor and Richard III. Linking with our studies we are creating fantastic Tudor portraits.

In maths so far we have covered perimeters, time and we have looked for patterns within our maths calculations.

In English we have been reading a book called Treason. An adventurous story about a boy called William Montague, who started life in Montague Hall before his Aunt Carew prepared him for life in London as the page of Prince Edward (Edward VI).

Our RE studies have taken us to the subject of creation where we have compared the theory of Big Bang with the Bible beliefs of how our Earth was created by God in seven days.

We are lucky enough to have swimming lessons at Downham Pool and we are really improving our strokes.

We are looking forward to next term.

Year 4 Visits The British Museum

On Tuesday 8th October, Year 4 visited the British Museum, where they explored the European Galleries as part of their topic work on the Anglo-Saxons. The children learned more about the discovery of the Sutton Hoo burial mound and were able to see the famous Sutton Hoo burial helmet, together with a collection of coins, purses, belt buckles, swords, shields, jewellery and many other gold embroidered artefacts. They were able to understand how we can learn more about the Anglo-Saxons’ way of life by studying these artefacts. Year 4 were also given plenty of opportunities to record their observations and develop their sketching techniques by paying attention to the intricate details of the objects on display.

Outside The British Museum