Year 6 girls at netball tournament

On a very hot afternoon,the Year 6 girls played in their first netball tournament at Bonus Pastor School. They had to play 4 matches in a round robin tourrnament and as the the afternoon went on they just got better and better, especially at their passing down the court.

Well done Tianna-Rosa, Marie-Eunice, Philana, Romina, Miranda-Jayne, Elizabeth, Chelsea,and Michaela.



Netball Team

Street Dancers

This half term we have been having street dancing lessons with Miss England. Everybody has made up new and exciting routines, working together in groups. It has been such fun.

Altar Servers in Year 4.

Altar Servers

All 9 Altar Servers in Year 4 served at Parish Mass on Ascension Day. Everyone took their roles responsibly, but joyfully praised God in this special job that they do.

Thank you Olaoluwa, Esther, Natasha, Rachael, Kordi, Kieran, Michael, Miquel, and Giovanni.


For 2Feet spent the day in school working with Years 1 and 2 on Scooter Safety.  The children received 45 minutes of training – 20 minutes in the playground and 25 minutes on the pavements around the school.  The training included a safety check of equipment, scooter control games, hazards they may encounter while out scootering and safe places to cross the road with a scooter.  All children who took part enjoyed their session and came back full of enthusiasm and knowledge of scooter safety.


Year 2 have starting gardening in their outdoor area.  First we had to take out the weeds that had grown over the winter and add more soil to the pots.  We planted tomato, sunflower and pea seeds inside as it was still too cold for them outside.   They will soon be ready to transplant outdoors.  We are looking forward to seeing the results of our work in the near future.

Reward Trip

Year 6 were taken to The Dumps adventure park for a fun afternoon out. The park is situated near to our school, so they had 2 hours of freedom to explore the park and burn off some energy. They played a game of ‘tag’, swung on the ropes, went down the zip wire and enjoyed a game of football on the field. If the children wanted to they were also allowed to play pool or table tennis indoors. An enjoyable day had by all and a lovely way to end SATs week.

Selina and Marie-Eunice swinging on the ropes

Selina and Marie-Eunice swinging on the ropes

Football fun!

Football fun!

A quick snack!

A quick snack!

A wonderful day in the River Darenth.

We spent a hot ,sunny day searching for organisms that live in the River Darenth, which is a fresh water river. We found bull head fish, shrimps, water lice, mayfly nymphs and many others.

Ilksev said ” When we went in the river it was so much fun and splashy!”

Julia G ” I really liked it when we went in the river, it was so much fun.”

Samuel said ” I knew there were fish in the shade, I saw something moving and I caught a bull head fish by guiding it into the net with my hand.”

Mekhi said “I caught fish in the water.”