Chocolate Investigation

Year 4 were investigating properties of chocolate and marsmallows.

We predicted what might happen when we held a piece of chocolate or marshmallow in our hand or our mouth and what might hapen if we put them in a microwave. Would it matter how long we left things? Does the temperature make a difference?

Michael learnt that if you leave chocolate in a microwave for 3 minutes on high it will burn. If you do the same with marshmallows they will spread and go crusty.If you touch them a bit breaks off..

Josephine learnt that chocolate can be a liquid and a solid at the same time.

Natatsha learnt that marshmallows turn into a different form of solid when you put it in a microwave on medium heat for 1 minute.

When Cells Misbehave: Cancer

Year 6 took part in the pre-show and post-show exercises which captured the distance of learning travelled by the children after the wonderful assembly and hands-on workshop they participated in. Year 6 were able to voice any concerns they had about cancer and also how much the show/activities helped them to understand cancer.

Year 6 were honest and very mature about the questions asked and the discussions had around the class exercises. They used the knowledge gained along with scientific language to enhance their understanding.

‘West Side Story’ at Bonus Pastor

Year 6 visited Bonus Pastor to see one of the greatest musicals of all time, West Side Story. The performance was directed by Miss Clarke, a drama teacher at the college. Years 7, 8 & 9 took to the stage to perform the 1st scene for 3 local primary schools and St Augustine’s were happy to be there. It was a fantastic afternoon which year 6 thoroughly enjoyed – we were amazed to see some familiar faces in the performance. A big thank you to Mr Manning for organising the afternoon.

Busy half term in Year 4

Year 4’s are working very hard this term. They are learning about different countries in Asia and have been working independently at home on amazing  projects.  They are enjoying the novel Varjak Paw and have researched information about the author S.F. Said and produced fantastic collages of Varjak Paw. Tennis lessons on Friday afternoons are fun and we have some future Wimbledon champions. Children know about acute and obtuse angles and can find more than one line of symmetry on regular shapes. They enjoyed a great trip to the Tate Modern where they were able to work with the artists in residence there.

Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis