Horniman Museum Visit

What a fantastic day the Reception Class children spent at Horniman Museum in Forest Hill.  They were very excited leading up to the visit and it did not disappoint!  The children were amazed to see the fantastic models in the Lego Brick Wonders Exhibit – it took their breath away!  We all had a go at making some wonderful models ourselves and then we headed for the galleries.  The children found the real walrus, after seeing a wonderful model of the walrus made with Lego.  They were also excited to see the bee colony and to learn how the bees are getting their hive ready for spring.

After lunch we headed for the aquarium.  It was beautiful.  The children were again quite taken with the beauty and the colour they saw around them.  It was wonderful to see the different types of fish in their natural habitats.  We just had time to see the animals that reside in Horniman Gardens and had a quick play on the musical instruments before heading back to school.  Thank you to the many parents who came along to support our visit.

Eagle’s Visit to the Nursery

This half term we are looking at animals and this week we are looking at pets. I brought in Eagle, my seven year old greyhound. He used to be a racing dog but now he is enjoying his retirement. Eagle loved meeting the Nursery children and was a very well behaved boy. The children loved stroking him and finding out what he needs to stay healthy and fit.