Diwali 2019

Reception class have been celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali. The children have been learning the story of Rama and Sita and the battle with the ten-headed evil king Ravannah.

As part of the celebrations, the children have made Diva lamps, to light the way home for Rama and Sita; they made Rangoli patterns, to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi who brings wealth and happiness; and they made Diwali sweets, which Hindu families share at this special time. What a lovely week it has been. There has been lots of music and dancing. To end the celebrations, we had a special circle time when the children had Bhindis on their foreheads and a quiet time of meditation.

We were very lucky to have an older brother from secondary school who came in to lend a hand. Thank you for helping us.

Have a look at our photos.

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