Beautiful Butterflies

What a busy week we have had in Reception class.  The children have been caring for our beautiful butterflies which emerged from their crystallises on Monday.  The children watched the butterflies as they learned to use their wings and use their butterfly tongues to collect “nectar” from the flowers and fruit.  The children carefully took the butterflies into the playground on Wednesday so that all the children in Key Stage 1 were able to come and see them. 

Finally it was time to say goodbye.  Some of the children felt sad, but they understood that butterflies are wild creatures and they should be free.  Bye bye butterflies.

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Wonderful Weaving

Year 2 are weaving this term.  The children began by using a paper frame and weaving a selection of paper through it.  They have now moved onto making their own frames and weaving with wool.  We will soon be weaving people and weaving on different shapes.

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