Street Dancers

This half term we have been having street dancing lessons with Miss England. Everybody has made up new and exciting routines, working together in groups. It has been such fun.

Altar Servers in Year 4.

Altar Servers

All 9 Altar Servers in Year 4 served at Parish Mass on Ascension Day. Everyone took their roles responsibly, but joyfully praised God in this special job that they do.

Thank you Olaoluwa, Esther, Natasha, Rachael, Kordi, Kieran, Michael, Miquel, and Giovanni.

A wonderful day in the River Darenth.

We spent a hot ,sunny day searching for organisms that live in the River Darenth, which is a fresh water river. We found bull head fish, shrimps, water lice, mayfly nymphs and many others.

Ilksev said ” When we went in the river it was so much fun and splashy!”

Julia G ” I really liked it when we went in the river, it was so much fun.”

Samuel said ” I knew there were fish in the shade, I saw something moving and I caught a bull head fish by guiding it into the net with my hand.”

Mekhi said “I caught fish in the water.”


The Last Supper

Year 4 re enacted the events of the Last Supper in a very holy and reverent service. We shared bread and wine and thought about the words Jesus spoke .” When you eat this bread and drink this wine remember me.” Each child prayed for another member of the class and we sang together. A beautiful ending to the Easter term.

KIeran explained that we all sat in a circle and took it in turns to say prayers about each other.

Johan enjoyed the fact that there was enough bread and wine for everyone to share.

Emmanuel said “We all shared the bread and wine which helped us to remember that Jesus died on the cross for us.”

School Councillors Visit The Mayor

The School Councillors from Years 5 and 6, Michaela, Che, Llywella and Rex,  spent an informative morning at the Civic Suite . When they arrived they completed a quiz about the London Borough of Lewisham, looked at Mayoral Regalia included former and current mayoral Maces and tried out the Mayoral chair. They then went into the Council Chambers , where they met the Deputy Young Mayor of Lewisham, Tekisha Henry from Sedgehill. She explained how she was elected and what her role is . They then went to meet Sir Steve Bullock, the Mayor of Lewisham. He showed them his Mayoral Chain and Badge and explained the work of Lewisham Council. The Councillors asked him about their policies and questioned him on his achievements and role as Mayor.

At the end of the morning Sir Steve announced the winners of the quiz and we were delighted to hear that it was………..St Augustines!  A fantastic end to a thought provoking and interesting morning.

Celebrating STEM week.

At the end of STEM week we dressed up as scientists, mathematicians and science and maths symbols , everyone looked great.

We finished the week by making panpipes , we tried playing Irish tunes with them to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

What an exciting week!

STEM Week  STEM Week

STEM week

This week Year 4 have been focusing on the topic of Sound. We have learnt about Alexander Graham Bell who invented the first telephone  and famously said “The day will come when the man at the telephone will be able to see the distant person to whom he is speaking.” We wrote letters to him explaining how his vision has come true!  We experimented with tin can telephones, learning how the string must be pulled very tight to work.

Miss Buckland and Olaoluwa taught us how to use sign language to learn the alphabet and how spell our names.

Live Voices 2017 perform on Broadway !


There are 18 children in the school choir in Year 4 and they had a wonderful day and evening at the Broadway Theatre. In the morning the choir rehearsed with other Lewisham schools and then were given a tour behind the scenes of the theatre , listened to the restored organ and heard about the theatre ghost!

In the evening the choir were back to open the concert singing ‘Lean on Me’ to an audience of over 700 people. What a great start to the concert! After listening to the other schools perform everyone went  back to the stage for the grand finale with 326 children singing ‘Believe’. What a fantastic experience.


Live Voices 2017


Lives Voices 2017


Live Voices 2017


Lives Voices 2017



Live Voices 2017


Live Voices 2017